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Matt Davies Leadership

After a decade and a half in financial services, transitioning from leadership roles to leadership consultancy and executive coaching, I branched out on my own in 2021.

Throughout my career, I've developed a reputation for building deep relationships, and for the passion, positivity, energy and enthusiasm I bring to my work. I love to be a cheerleader for my clients, while challenging them to reach their potential. When it comes to finding new people to work with, I seek out companies and individuals who approach their work with joy and passion, and who have a real desire to grow. I believe that work should be meaningful and purposeful but it should also be fun and I seek to surround myself with people I enjoy working with!

In any field, there are different ways to approach a challenge, and in leadership development, coaching and consultancy more than most, the style and personality of the person you're working with can make a massive difference to the outcomes. That's why I've created a Media section so you can see and hear me talking, to help you understand whether I'd be the right fit for you and your business!

Like what you see? Then please, jump in and take a look at what Services are on offer, and how they can benefit you and your business., before getting in touch for a chat!





I'm known both for my supportive coaching and for my engaging presentation style.

Take a look the Media Section and see how I build engagement and hold an audience.

Media Section
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