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There are times when the needs of a team fall somewhere between coaching and consultancy, and it's valuable to create a safe, engaging environment where shared objectives and goals can emerge and the team can progress against the outcomes that matter to them.

In these environments, great facilitator can make all the difference, ensuring voices are heard, insights come from across the team and tools and techniques are employed to help with investigation, idea generation and the overcoming of obstacles.

I have considerable experience in this area, and enjoy working in collaboration with the team or leader to design and facilitate an agenda that is right for you. I am a trained facilitator through the ICA and am also a trained Team Coach through the AoEC and Henley, allowing me to bring different lenses and experience, in order to help teams and groups do the deeper work that is often missed in surface-level facilitated sessions!

This can allow groups and teams to develop strategy, overcome challenges, raise and address tensions and worries and do all manner of other things which make for a more productive, engaged team and deliver better outcomes. 

An inspiring and gifted speaker and facilitator - highly recommend any of Matthews leadership sessions or coaching.

Kelly Niven, MCIPD

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