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I've spent a large part of my life refining my skills as a coach; in my personal life as as American Football Coach for the Great Britain Men's National team, Team Scotland U19s and the East Kilbride Pirates where I'm currently Head Coach and professionally as both an ICF Associate Certified Coach (ACC) and as a Team, Board and Systemic Coach (Henley). I maintain a focus on both my practice and continuing study in these disciplines.

I like to work both directly with individuals at all stages of their leadership journey and with businesses who are looking to nurture and develop their talent. The range of themes that emerge through coaching is vast; from broad topics like imposter syndrome, your leadership style, engagement, wellbeing, inclusion and all aspects of leadership development, to very specific challenges that the client wants the time and space to explore through coaching.

Ultimately, an executive coach is someone who holds the space in which you can talk and think about challenges that you haven't managed to make the space to think and talk about before. It's a safe environment where you can open up, be vulnerable and hear yourself talk and you'll be amazed at how impactful it is!

But like many things, the relationship between coach and client is a personal one and to maximise effectiveness, the chemistry has to be right. Every coaching engagement starts with a chemistry call to make sure that coach and client are the right fit and to understand whether the relationship is likely to be effective. To understand how coaching can help you, whether it's the right initiative to help overcome your challenges and whether I'm the right fit for you or your business, get in touch!

If you ever get the opportunity to work with Matt then I would grab it with both hands.


Matt and I have worked together closely over the past 18 months and its fair to say I wouldn't be where I am if it wasn't for his objective approach, deep insight into all aspects of leadership and rich understanding of many tools and approaches that make a truly measurable difference.


Our regular sessions weren't the 'cosy fireside chats' that can sometimes categorise these types of relationship, they were always structured, sometimes difficult, challenging and uncomfortable but always incisive, intelligent and purposeful.

Stephen Haynes, Head of Technology, Mortgages, Natwest

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